A Sequel to the highly successful 'Illustrated History of Appledore'

Illustrated History of Appledore 2

by David Carter

Appledore Book 2

Published May 2009. This book takes you on a 240-page guided tour of the village, starting on Appledore Quay and weaving around its historic streets and houses. On the way, we discover many interesting facts:

*       How many pubs were there in Appledore?
*       What connection did Appledore have with slavery?
*       What disaster hit the village in 1607?
*       What are Courts, Drangs and Opes?
*       What happened in Appledore during the War?
*       Where can you see Appledore’s ghosts?
*       How old is Appledore’s oldest building?
*       Learn about Witchcraft in Appledore.
*       Where was the Appledore prison?

Read about the Bell Inn murder, the Silver Mine, Dirty Dicks Boys Club, and the Singing Mice.
We also discover about the people who lived in these houses, and what they did to contribute to Appledore's history.
It starts with an early history of the village, with stories of beheaded saints, pioneer explorers, slaves, Spanish treasure, and smuggling.


All new

The book contains 80 new illustrations by Bill Wright, plus 45 maps and 340 photographs, all of which has taken many years of painstaking research to put together.

Its index contains 465 surnames, so if you have ancestors from Appledore, the chances are that they will appear here.

Where to buy

The book can be bought from Docton Court Gallery in Appledore, or by post from:

'Docton Court’, 2 Myrtle Street, Appledore, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 1PH, UK

Cost: £13:90.

For postage & packing within the UK please add £2:60 (ie: total cost = £16:50).
For postage to the rest of the world, please ask me at enquiries@nimrodresearch.co.uk

To order by post please send a cheque payable to 'David Carter'.
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Book 1 is also still available, cost £12:50, plus postage and packing as per the above.

Appledore book 1

"In terms of Appledore's history, this book has a well balanced comprehensive coverage, and the text is excellent and unusually accurate. The captions to the photographs are very good, and I can find none of the irritations which normally are part of reading local history books, especially maritime ones. David has done a tremendous amount of work to very good effect, and the book deserves every success".

Dr Basil Greenhill (former Director of the National Maritime Museum)